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Fee Structures

Written Report
A complete appraisal report will include an explanation of  the type of value being sought, how the appraisal is to be used, the methodology and resources relied upon, the date and location of the inspection, the effective date of the value, a statement that the appraiser has no financial interest in the property, and the appraiser's signature. The body of the appraisal contains an accurate description of each item of property in the report, along with the value conclusions. 

Value conclusions for appraisals are based on comparable sales analysis. The two week minimum research time includes the time taken to identify marks, verify dates, locate comparable sales data, investigate retail markets, and consult experts, if necessary. This produces an accurate report that protects you and your property.

Each piece of property is thoroughly examined by the appraiser for condition, characteristics, hallmarks and dimensions.  Related facts & provenance (evidence for 
its original production and formal ownership) are gathered to include in the valuation process.

The Appraisal Process

 Replacement Value Appraisal 
A report with the price you can expect to pay to purchase a replacement for your item. For estate, insurance & legal purposes, this report is commonly used for property damage with insurance claims,  includes photo(s).

 Fair Market Value Appraisal 
A report with the price you can expect to receive if you sell your property in a timely and responsible manner. Used for estate, insurance, legal & IRS tax deductible donations of your personal property. May include form 8283 in accordance with IRS Publication 561.

Inventory - In Home Value of an Estate
An inventory report with a one line description per item. Used to give you the approximate value before you consider selling or dividing an estate. Includes picture documentation. This is NOT a certified USPAP appraisal,